Evidence of Asymptomatic Transmission of Monkeypox?


There's a new study out today. I found out about it through an email I received that said this: "As you clearly stated."

The article reports on a study conducted in France. Anorectal swabs from 200 asymptomatic men-who-have-sex-with-men were tested, and out of 200, 13 (6.5%) were positive for monkeypox by PCR. Bear in mind that just finding viral DNA doesn't mean infectious virus is present, but it does raise the possibility that people without symptoms can transmit monkeypox. It fits with the epidemiology. I suggested this was a distinct possibility in emails and calls as well as my July 18th email to the Commissioner. I expect there are studies ongoing to culture virus from various body fluids, including saliva and semen. It is a shame it took so long for the messaging to catch up with the epidemiology. 

The absence of rash doesn't mean the sex is safe.

Link to Annals of Internal Medicine article:


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