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Newly  added (9-10-2022)

- Commentary: Monkeypox is an STI (under Related Content)
- Eurosurveillance article: Isolation of viable monkeypox virus from anal and urethral swabs, Italy, May to July 2022 (Under Related Content)

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This website was intended to be a site to post chapter excerpts of an after retirement book about infectious disease outbreak investigations. A proposed table of contents is included here and one day it may serve that purpose. 

On July 19, 2022 the New York Times published an article about the monkeypox outbreak. I contributed to that article. In the midst of a worsening monkeypox pandemic, overlapping with continued waves COVID-19, on the day it was announced that monkeypox had spread to affect children and women, the eve of WHO declaration of a public health emergency, in the face of Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Ghana, polio in Rockland County, unknown hepatitis affecting children, and the emergence of parechovirus, the NYC Department of Health decided to transfer (sideline) its most senior communicable disease epidemiologist (me) out of the program where he has worked for 22 years. How this transpired is chronicled here (this site is under construction and more content will be added).

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